[kon] Paper

[kɔn] is an up-and-coming magazine for literature and culture. Each issue brings together essayistic, literary, and journalistic texts around a single keyword. [kɔn] notations, [kɔn] texts and [kɔn] troversies of the issue are investigated – while the format explores the intersections and boundaries of text and design, content, and form: how poetic can academic and journalistic textsbe, how journalistic might poetry be when published in a newspaper? Which new modes of reading can be established when essay, poem and column meet? Issue No. 7 is all about skin. In articles, interviews, poems, essays and short stories skin oscillates between discourses and is opened, in- and described, dissolved, pierced, mended and interpreted. Changing shape from protective border to profane workshop material, from intimate contact surface to projection screen – and always a great read.The seventh issue not only celebrates the many layers of skin within the texts – a lot has changed on the outside too: thanks to a new illustration concept, the convenient magazine format, degradable colours, and recycling paper the new [kɔn] shines in a fancy finish and environmentally-friendly look.


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