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Fanzineist Vienna Mail Art Book & Zine Exhibition // Semperdepot

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Through an open call to artists, publishers, and fanzines, a collection of unique art books and zines from around the world has been brought together in one place. These publications have been shipped to Vienna from countries as diverse as Spain, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, Portugal, Romania, Italy and Austria.

The exhibition showcases a wide range of art books and zines in various forms, each with its own authentic content. Visitors to the exhibition can expect to encounter a diverse range of styles and subject matter, all created with passion and creativity by artists and publishers from around the world.

One of the most exciting aspects of this exhibition is the opportunity to discover new and emerging artists and publishers from different parts of the world. The open call format has allowed for a truly diverse and international collection of publications to be brought together in one place, providing a unique and enriching experience for visitors.


The exhibition is taking place from 10 May till 12 May 2024 at Semperdepot


Artists, publishers and zinesters:

Beate Grötsch, Christoph Schieder, Christian Reister, Mara Gervais, Kathrin Kloeckl-Stan, hannafaktur // hannegret lindner, Katcurio, Fabian Hammerl, Riitta Oittinen, Sophie Thammer, Jürgen Bürgin, Verlag Kettler, Lily Paredes, Caro Giovagnoli, Labiko Studio, Marcia Rosenberger, Christina Paveri, Moritz Marela, Bill Noir, Gabriela Palicka, Nigel Gavus, Samara Macêdo, #FFFF00, Alicia Yay, Birgit Szepanski, Lu Mazen, flüff magazine, Shlomit Schatzmayr, Ria Grix, Maryna Diachenko, Maks Lyzhov, Nuria Castro, Charlotte Hornung, Nesrin Içen, Marina Selarom,Tutti Frutti Magazine,Hui Chou, Agni Ayushatya, Esther Zitman, SPÄM, Elena Hüning, Christa Orth and many more…

Fanzinoteka Zine Exhibition

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Fanzinoteka is an archive of independent publications situated in Fažana (Croatia) and counts over a thousand zines, art zines, booklets, graphic arts and posters in its collection. The zine exhibition series was initiated with the aim of continuously presenting new and diverse editions gathered in the zine library. The primary archiving framework is based on contemporary production with an emphasis on the works of visual artists and DIY processes. Do-it-yourself philosophy is imprinted in the work of the association Prostor urbane kulture (Space of Urban Culture) – exhibition organizer and manager of Fanzinoteka – that is fully realized without financial support from public cultural or other city institutions.




Screen Printing Exhibition by Vzas7-Dreckseck

serigraphy exhibition

… and if art represents the highest form of shopping, then screen printing – within this capitalist logic of exploitation – is one of the least pretentious art forms.

People spit and scrape. In experimenting, an extreme variety of craziness arises, reflecting the conditions of the act. It would be interesting to know “what prevents us from knowing what we are doing at all!”

(Rahel Jaeggi on critical theory & immanent critique on Jung & Naiv, episode 676, 12’50”)


A screen printing exhibition by vzas7-dreckseck featuring:

Antolina Konrad, Clemens Beat Rott, Conni Feitsinger, Florian Gutmann, Florian Probst, Gratis Kaiserin, Hannah Höll, Koal Doppler, Kristina Bosanac, Lea Heinz, Lula Heppner, Lucie Grell, Ma-el Weiher, Max Kriebaum, Miriam King, Moritz Maurer, RatPack, Uli Kühn, Valentina Santner, and many more…

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