Heyt be! Fanzin (İstanbul, TR / Vienna, AT)

In 2010, Heyt be! Fanzin was founded as a zine & artist collective by Deniz Beser and Sedef Karakas in Istanbul, Turkey. Heyt be!, which approaches its entire layout with collage logic and without the use of computers is an independent and timeless art publication defending analog against digital in this context.

The zine consists of content such as contemporary art, comics, illustration, interview, literature, music, and politics. Apart from the written and visual content produced by every number of core members, artists from different countries of the world have been guests to the Heyt be!’s pages with the open call and invitation system. In this context, Heyt be!’s primary goal is to create an alternative exhibition in a fanzine form.

At the same time, zine has met with its readers through the organization of various exhibitions, workshops, and events, as well as participating in many art books & zine fairs, festivals, and exhibitions in Europe and America to promote the fanzine culture to a broader audience.

As of 2022, more than 1000 copies of Heyt be! have been published both in Turkish and English languages. It distributed to bookstores, art galleries, and cafes in 32 different locations in 7 different countries.