Nina Chechelashvili (Moscow, RU / Tbilisi, GE)

I made this zine for my exhibition in Tbilisi in August, 2022. A series of sculptures about war I created while visiting Georgia several months before, in April. I had no workshop there, so I was building my works somewhere in the parks or even leaving to the mountains. I found all the materials I needed – like stones, wires and so on – in the streets of Georgian towns and villages, and these found objects were combined with those ones I made with a 3D pen.

Apart from these sculptures, I’ve included a series of my anti-war badges and breastpins – presented at the charity markets of Tbilisi. It is a double-sided booklet unfolding as a panoramic poster and a catalogue of my sculptures and badges.

The poster is combined from the photos of my works, photo reports from the seat of war, graduation photos of a schoolboy from Chernigov (Ukraine), anti-war graffiti I spotted in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia), as well as some photos from Tbilisi.