11 August – 25 September, 2022

Fanzineist Vienna Virtual Art Book & Zine Exhibition


Bringing together publishers, artists, publishing collectives, bookstores, magazines, galleries and various non-profit organizations producing on art books and fanzines, Fanzineist Vienna aims to bring these productions, which are realized on a wide publication scale, to the visitors. +400 publications consisting of art, design, literature, comics, theory, architecture, sociology, music, lgbti+ and queer publications come together in virtual art book and zine exhibitions.

With our online format, Fanzineist host 105 artists and publishers from 35 countries (e.g., French Polynesia, Argentine, Japan, United States, New Zealand, Spain and many more). In this way, Fanzineist Vienna evolves into an online international celebration of independent art and fanzine publishing.

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11 August, 2022

21:30 (Central European Summer Time)

Readings from Budget Press Review #9

Reading @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account  & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel  


“Here are two stories from the Budget Press Review #9 lit zine. johnnie b. baker reads “Free Tom Waits Tickets” and Kristin Stadum reads “Summertime.”  Get your copy of the zine at budgetpress.net.”



22:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Can Yalcinkaya

Talk @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account (Live)

Can Yalcinkaya @ctyalcinkaya + @fanzineistvienna 

Moderation: Deniz Beser


“Can Yalcinkaya is a Turkish-Australian academic in media studies, an artist and editor. He has been an active participant in zine, alternative comics and underground music scenes in Turkey and Australia. He is the founder and editor of the political comics collective Dirençizgiroman (Resist Comics), a creative community inspired by the Occupy Gezi Park movement in Turkey. This talk will focus on the use of zines and comics in activist movements, with examples from around the world, as well as Can’s own experiences as a comics activist.”


12 August, 2022

20:30 (Central European Summer Time)

BluRaven C. Houvener //  Nicodemus // Matchez 

Video @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel  


BluRaven C. Houvener (one of the Fanzineist artists and publishers) animated and edited the psychedelic rock music of Nicodemus and Matchez. We are happy to share these two  videos with you for the first time at Fanzineist Vienna.


“I’m Gonna Get You” By Matchez

“Born from the Out Anthology, “I’m Gonna Get You” heralds from “Out of the Gutter and Slightly On Tilt”, preceded by “Out of the Gutter the New Adventure” and “Out”.

Keep your eyes peeled for “Out 4” coming to a sound system near you!”


“Devils Live Inside My Hair” 2022 feat Jake & St.Nic

“Originally released in 2009, the original “Devil’s Live Inside My Hair” music video told the tale of a tired St.Nic on a multi day work bender as he was known to do. It was the third in the series of Music videos done jointly by he and myself and if you ask me it is one of the best we did…

So why the update/remake you ask? Well that’s for a number of reasons. First off I starred in the intro but totally missed the opportunity to have it be a Jake(from the It’s Just another day comics) tie in. That and my acting left something to be desired, especially since I too was on a several day work bender. In addition some scenes were blurry and could be served well by a touch up. And on top of that, in spite of Matchez’s involvement with the song, his name and/or presence never made it to the video. All these things warranted this touch up.

I hope you enjoy it all, from the animated intro, to the trippy visuals, and that out there sound you can only get from a Nicodemus & Matchez tune!”




21:00 (Central European Summer Time)


Credit: Mary Yang @marukie 

Draw Down Books //  Free Posters, Take One

Talk & Presentation @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account (Live)

Draw Down Books @drawdownbooks + @fanzineistvienna 

Watch the presentation —> https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChK_Q3PIviq/


The founders of Draw Down Books, Christopher Sleboda and Kathleen Sleboda will talk about their latest book, I Got Something to Say — Poster Inventory, 2013–2021, using the project as a way to reflect on poster-making as creative expression and the importance of ephemeral publications for cultural history. Poster-making has served as a tool and creative arena for many publishers seeking to raise awareness about their work. This talk will also explore how to plan and execute a collaborative publication that brings together different voices and perspectives.



Instagram / @drawdownbooks

Twitter / @drawdownbooks

14 August, 2022

21:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Daniëlle van Hilten (Beauxhil)

Video @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel  


Relax and take your time

‘Browsing through the book Haiku while listening to the composition inspired by the photos’. The prelude  is a airy way of waving away ‘Summer’ (the bird you hear is the oriole), making room for Winter, and at the same time introducing myself to the viewers. The video Haiku has the duration of the composition Isolatie – Insulation, which is 13 minutes’.

Composer: Geert Schoonbeek de Vlaming.

Violinist: Bob van der Ent.



21:15 (Central European Summer Time)

Lia Nalbantidou and Nikos Kachrimanis (L. Loves Art Books)

Video @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel  

“L. Loves Art Books contemplates self-publications”

L. Loves Art Books is an initiative for self-published photobooks, founded by the artist Lia Nalbantidou in 2020. It is based in Thessaloniki-GR.

In this recording Lia Nalbantidou and Nikos Kachrimanis are introducing the LLAB manifesto, talking about the reasons for its formation, the aims and aspirations of their collaborative efforts and of course, about photobooks.

15 August, 2022

20:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Carla Vaccaro

Talk @  Carla Vaccaro´s Instagram Account + Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account 

“Productive Anxiety”

“Chilean artist, illustrator and teacher. I have had individual exhibitions in Chile, Peru and Mexico. Fairs are the preferred dissemination format for my work.The narratives in my fanzines are autobiographical, they are graphic sequences that respond to events and reflections on my existence. The female figure is central in my work, it exhibits scars and hair, it calls for sanity, it defends the body and nature as a territory free from conquest.”



16 August, 2022

20:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Yago Cura (HINCHAS Press)

Talk @  Yago Cura´s Instagram Account + Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account 

“Get on the Zine Foot: Getting Your Zines into U.S. Library Systems w/ Zine Collections”
Please join Adult Services Librarian Yago Cura as he discusses the advantages and challenges U.S. Public Library Systems
face when they accession zines into existing collections. Yago will also discuss which public library systems in the U.S. have
zine collections (by region: NE, SW, etc) and how to actually get U.S. Public Library Systems to collect/accession your zines.

17 August, 2022

20:30 (Central European Summer Time)

Alexandra Stelmashonok

Video & Presentation @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account  & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel  

Calligraphy Herbarium

Summer is always a very bright, but swift-passing time of the year, and I alway feel like collecting memories and souvenirs from it. I would like to share some easy and fun ideas how to make your own calligraphy herbarium, which will contain both sunny summer pieces and calligraphy in its various forms.

18 August, 2021

21:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Maria Kuzik

Talk @  Maria Kuzik´s Instagram Account + Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account 

„How can a book become a contemporary art object, questioning the existential agendas? And what happens when an artist deals with the classical shape of the book, depicting the social transformations by changing the book‘s body: cover, pages, texts.“

22:15 (Central European Summer Time)


Concert @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account  & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel  


Zoomk-Ru-TU is a performance and music group founded by Deniz Beser, Veysel Denec and Başak Sıla Bengisu on December 2011. The group is formed on disciplines such as improvised music, dance and fanzine production. The biggest passion of Zoomk-Ru-TU is expressing themselves in a child-like & carefree way. Performances include guest stars and dancers.

Performing compositions that emerge with determined improvisation, with psychedelic and punk sounds, the band likes to make noise and have fun on stage.

Between 2011 and 2016, the group performed at venues such as Pasaj, Ağaç Ev, Dark Bronx, Space Debris, Haliç Congress Center, Peyote and Arkaoda and in fairs such as Fanzineist: Zine Fest Of Istanbul, Ipa Istanbul Performance Festival, Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair and MultiRAID Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2013, they released their demo albums in fanzine-demo format from Heyt be! Music.

In 2017, Zoomk-Ru-Tu were part of the movie project ”New Istanbul Dream” by Kamen Stoyanov. They did movie soundtrack and performed in the movie. This project featured in GPL Contemporary, Vienna and WRO Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland.

Zoomk-Ru-Tu’s past members / Contributors: Mert Öztekin, Burçak Konukman, Len Toch Ka, Can Albayrak, Serhat Cacekli, Salih Akgül, Yiğit Yemez, Banu Taylan

19 August, 2022

21:00  (Central European Summer Time)

Aparna Nori

Video @Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel

Making the present in the past

In this video, Aparna Nori shares the idea and process behind her book 24 Slides. The making of the book allowed her to look back into her past and observe how Aparna`s childhood experiences have influenced her present world view. Her art practice is personal and working with the family photo archives have helped her deepen her relationship with the medium of photography. 




21:30 (Central European Summer Time)

Şeker Dutlar

Concert @Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel

Şeker Dutlar is founded by Burçak, Bennito and David in the beginning of the Spring 2020.
Band hat first self made D.I.Y tour to France in Summer 2020.
Şeker Dutlar Album is home recorded and mastered by Burçak in Gießen and Marburg between winter 2020 – Summer 2021.


This live concert was organized and filmed by Trauma Konzert group and streamed from Cafe Trauma Marburg on 24th April 2022. Lhasslo Ulck on drums, Richard on bass, B.Ohne on synth and Burçak on singing and guitar. Şeker Dutlar “Süße Maulbreen” are fresh, grown shining and uprising at the stage of Cafe Trauma Marburg.




21 August, 2022

21:00 – 21:45 (Central European Summer Time)

Mangal Media

“Nostalgia in the Periphery: Panel Discussion”

Panel & Presentation @ Zoom & Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account 


Nostalgia in the Periphery is a limited edition bundle of serigraphy and digital prints from a diverse range of writers and artists who investigate the golden age of global popular culture from the perspective of those who have been left outside. The personal essays and short stories in the project ask discomforting questions about who gets to remember and who gets to be forgotten.




23 August, 2022

21:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Paolo Covino

Video Art @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account  & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel

The photographic subject of the walls represents the metaphor of the barriers, that the human Ego has raised and still raises around itself to keep the other, the stranger, the diversity and the unknown at a distance. Hence, the title of “Borders”, a poorer symbol of what separates and alienates, symbol of any passive or aggressive attitude, as opposed to socialization and altruism, qualities that should, on the other hand, distinguish man from any other animal.


21:15 (Central European Summer Time)

Bard Graduate Center Publications // Puppets //  Richard Tuttle: What is the Object? publication

Video Art @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account  & Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel

The puppets come from Richard Tuttle’s writings Tennessee Seed Pearl, featured in Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object?

The puppeteers are students at the Bard Graduate Center and the puppets are objects from the exhibition Richard Tuttle: What Is the Object?


Accompanying website: https://exhibitions.bgc.bard.edu/richardtuttle/


25 August, 2022

21:00 (Central European Summer Time)

Bunu Sen İstedin

Concert @ Fanzineist Vienna Instagram Account &  Fanzineist Vienna Youtube Channel

One-man surrealist punk sound! Bunu Sen İstedin, with his stage make-up and costume, displays a naive but equally violent humorous punk stance in his performances. The band, which is the music of those who think they are in heaven until their feet are caught on the artificial grass carpet on the ground during pogo, joins the world from Istanbul. Presenting traumatic children’s songs as acoustic trash, Bunu Sen İstedin, meets the audience with his unique style.




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