Program 2023


Fanzineist Vienna´s public program consists of exhibitions, workshop, talks, presentations, performances, screenings, dj performances and concerts.


Exhibitions: Fanzineist Vienna Online Art Book & Zine Exhibition, Fanzineist Vienna International Art Book & Zine Exhibition at Semperdepot, LYUTYY, “Auf der Straße” Typographic Installation, united queendoms´exhibition and Firat Erkus // Digital Forest Crowd.


Concerts, Djs and Performances: Provisional Art Space: Music And Scent In Performance by New York based artists Ron Hutt and Anna Novakov, LA WASHA (LIVE) + dj set, Ueberparadis, Ali Riza Firat, Guy Bosch, DJ DJust Benzes, Michael Fischer, Internetband, TOAD, MAGNETIZER (Phantom Tapes), Markos Sotirios, Deniz Beser (Dj set), Cem Erkmen (Wapi), Laikka (Dj Set), DIONYSOS WIZDOM THEATER, Winamp Power, LIQUIDinfinity and Kobrakasino.


Workshops: about time / Justyna Doherty, Print-On / Tzu Ning Chiang (Viola Chiang), Monotype & Etching Workshop by Marie Bonnin.


Presentations / Talks: Presentation by mischen (Anna Neuwirth and Julia Knaß), process*in talk, Teuntje Fleur, nightjet /fanzine presentation – A project by Libri Finti Clandestini, 5x Letterpress, SC_NC/Spazienne, Outis and Petronilla Records.


Screenings:The Galaxy of Fanzines | History of Internet, Fanzines From Mars, Guttersnipe Punk Fanzine, The Zine Documentary, Maya Strobbe /Ramsdam Books Single Copies Presentation


Concerts / Djs / Performances
After Party @ Celeste
Talks & Workshops

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