Fanzineist Vienna is hosting short movie screenings of art books and zines. This event provides a unique opportunity to explore the diverse and creative world of independent publishing. From thought-provoking written content to stunning visual art, this screening showcases history of zines.Visitors to the screening can expect to discover new and emerging artists and publishers from different parts of the world, all united by their passion for independent publishing.


All screenings take place in Semperdepot from 26 May till 28 May.

Screening hours:

16:00-21:00 (26.08.2023)
16:00-20:00 (27.08.2023)
12:00-16:00 (28.08.2023)


The Galaxy of Fanzines | History of Internet 

Documentary, 05:27, France, 2020

The galaxy of fanzines

As countercultures emerged in the United States in the 60’s, the #mimeograph, an archaic and totally outdated machine, became the tool of choice for young people to bypass government censorship and disseminate revolutionary ideas, create communities, and share fanfiction. This was the 1960s internet.

Fanzines From Mars

Documentary, 35:38, Serbia, 2012

fanzini se mars

Fanzines From Mars is a documentary about the fanzine scene in Serbia

Director: Siniša Dugonjić

Guttersnipe Punk Fanzine

Documentary, 27:11, U.K., 1980

guttersnipe punk fanzine

A 1980 BBC documentary about Guttersnipe Punk Fanzine from Madeley, Telford

The Zine Documentary

Documentary, 11:49, 2022

The Zine Documentary

A documentary about the beautiful art form of zines, told through interviews of real zinemakers.

What WILL be the future of zines?

Created by Frankie and Bella Paye


Edited by Frankie and Bella Paye.

Narrated by Nut Barrington.



Anabelle Lee Dehn


Scarlet Hall

Maya Strobbe /Ramsdam Books Single Copies Presentation

Video, 35:58, Belgium, 2021

Maya-ramsdam books

Maya Strobbe has been publishing zines and artists’ publications as RAMSDAM BOOKS since 2016. An important aspect of their practice as an artist, book designer and publisher is experiment and playfulness. To keep things fresh, they have the habit of making single copies. Single copies are experiments, adaptations of previously published books or prototypes. The focus when making a single copy is not on success but on exploring new materials and techniques, developing ideas, listening to intuition and having good old fun.

On August 20th Maya will open up their archive of single copies and present their bookmaking experiments from the last three years.

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