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All talks and workshop will take place at Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien (Semperdepot), located at Lehárgasse 6-8, 1060 Vienna.


All workshops and presentations are free of charge.

-No registration is required to attend the workshops.

-As seating is limited, participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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10 May 2024

Workshop: ZUHAUSE_Katya Craftsova

16:00 – 17:00

2_ZUHAUSE_Katya Craftsova_photo by DianaElena Paun (17) (1)

Would you like to live in Berlin? Try to find an apartment there by playing a board game called ZUHAUSE. It is the result of artistic research by the artist Katya Craftsova and is based on interviews with local people.

Hüseyin Serbes – Presentation //  Post-Photocopy: Rethinking the Fanzine in the Age of Digital Production



Fanzines were born before the electronic revolution. However, it did not take long for the connections made with ink and paper to overflow onto keyboards and screens. The path from letters to editors and readers to discussion forums or from pen to keyboard resulted in the evolution of the fanzine into the webzine. In this presentation, researchers reflecting on fanzines discuss a challenging PhD thesis journey. The talk will discuss a field study on fanzines and zinesters in Türkiye, and will include ethnographic notes from in-depth interviews with thirty zinesters, thus attempting to put fanzines back on the operating table in the age of digital


Zine Reading & Talk: “DEAREST TRAUDE, BELOVED KIKI“ with Isabella Sedlak & Evi Pribyl

18:15 -18:45 

Evi pribyl

In their very first zine graphic designer Evi Pribyl and theater maker Isabella Sedlak embark in a search of clues about the life of the unknown Teddy. A collection of nine love postcards from 1941/42 in which he writes to his two big loves Kiki and Traude in Vienna was the impetus of an entertaining, deep and honest investigation from a feminist perspective. In their reading they present a few dialogues with the absent character, which creates an exciting oscillation between the past and the present.

11 May 2024

Presentation: Circular Steps for Circular Culture – Batuhan Akkaya & Aysel Aycan Aktaş



“Circular Steps for Circular Culture” is a talk about waste, sustainable artistry, and circular art. First, we will discuss waste dump yards around the world. Then, we will explore narratives of circularity within art and culture scenes, connecting with local and international artists. The talk will conclude with a discussion on the role of circularity in cultural projects, encouraging participants to explore the integration of circular practices into various cultural initiatives.

Workshop: In Zines We Trust – Zine workshop by Deniz Beser

14:30 -15:45

in zines we trust

A zine is an independently published collection of materials, a self-created and self-reproduced publication. In the workshop we receive a short introduction to the past and present of fanzines and self-publishing. Under the guidance of Deniz Beser, we will learn the basics of creating a zine, such as preparing a page layout, and will be privy to a number of folding tricks. After the step-by-step demo and introduction, you can create your own zine.

-Donations for the workshop are greatly appreciated.

Talk: Letícia Vendrame – Performance Art in Brazil


performance art in brazil

Picture 1: Palomo, 2012.  //. Picture 2: Letícia Parente, video still from Marca registrada, 1975

Panelist: Letícia Vendrame has a degree in Literature from the University of São Paulo and a postgraduate degree in Photography as Contemporary Art, Brazil.

 In this talk, we’ll watch an excerpt from a performance and talk about the following points:

– What is performance?

– In what historical and social context did performance develop as an artistic concept and language, in the  world and in Brazil?

– Which bodies can perform?

-What topics have Brazilian artists been developing over the decades?

-How do these topics relate to today’s society?


Workshop: IT’S EASY IF YOU TRY – A collective experience of comic making – Javier Lozano

16:50 – 17:50 

WORKSHOP IT´S EASY IF YOU TRY fanzineist 24 Javier Lozano (2)

This is a very practical workshop, aproached as a big brainstorm.

No previous drawing experience is needed, but we will draw like there is no tomorrow learning funny things like how limits can improve creativity. Get to know yourself and get to know the others by making comics just for fun.

The workshop will be in English.

Comics will be made in English and German.

No restriction age

Writing Workshop: Editionen von Kunsthalle Below + AG Minimales Reisen → Parallelprotokolle:partizipative Erforschung + Archivierung des Alltäglichen

18:30 – 19:30 

writing workshop

In each mobile writing workshop, we create a parallel record, a text in which a place is described collectively. 2-5 participants from various contexts document the surrounding events and what comes to mind for 20 minutes. This results in multi-voiced texts, numbered chronologically. In practice, this means: Each parallel record is a performative writing workshop and at the same time a studio for the real-time production of contemporary history. The texts are published in editions sorted by theme.


12 May 2024

Book Presentation – Piera Isabella Bernamonti



Author Piera Isabella Bernamonti presents her books “Love in colors”, “The carousel of thoughts” and “What is Earth like, Ella?” allowing an unique insight into her literary world made of stories that are meant to stay in the listeners and readers minds and hearts. You will be taken through an emotional journey with topics such as chronic illness, migration, racism, multiculturality and women’s rights. If you overthink, like to second-guess life and the world, search in books for an escape into fantasy worlds or just want to know how someone experiences different kinds of love while dealing with with all the above mentioned topics, then this presentation will be the right one for you!

Book Presentation: Efe Levent – Turtle Trainer


turtle trainer_ mock up_1x1

Author Efe Levent will be having a discussion from Turtle Trainer, his latest book published by Mangal Media.

Turtle Trainer is an illustrated sci-fi thriller set in an alternate Turkish dystopia in 2023. It revolves around four mutant turtle brothers who have been sent to Mars on an exploration mission and their struggle to maintain their sanity in a hostile environment.

Reading: Blackout Poetry Reading // Laura Nußbaumer


Laura Nußbaumer Fotocredit_Herbert J. Wimmer (1)

Laura Nußbaumer reads Blackout Poetry – Poems which were found in books, newspapers and other printed texts. Meanwhile, the overpainted, illustrated pages can be seen on screen. The poems are mostly in German, some even in the dialect “Vorarlbergerisch”, the pictures are without words.

Talk: Wobby

16:40 – 17:20

Wobby PRESS foto_table is the platform for autonomous illustration in the Netherlands. They publish and print the quarterly magazine Wobby at their studio in Tilburg since 2015. Wobby showcases quirky illustration, comics, visual art and literature, focusing on fresh figurative, experimental, and humorous work from upcoming and established international artists. All products, including Wobby, art prints and other publications are risograph printed: colourful stencil print based on sustainable, plant-based ink.

Besides publishing Wobby, organises residencies, exhibitions, online tv shows, a publishing fair, workshops, and many more projects.

Book Presentation & Reading: Black Grotesque poems follow the morning star and are ultimately minimally illuminated. Poetry and Reading: Bernd Remsing 

17:45 – 18:30 

Bernd Remsing

The new Palmström is refreshingly different from what one usually knows and expects from contemporary poetry. In addition to wit and rhyme, there is a third aspect of extraordinariness: the narrative element. It is true, many contemporary poems can be subsumed under the collective term “narrative”, but in Bernd Remsing’s work, storytelling takes on entirely different forms, as his poems feature proper characters who then also come into conflict with a narrator figure, interrupted by interjections from the esteemed readership, etc., which one might know from novels, but hardly from poems.

The illustrations by Michael Oskar Wlaschitz always respond to the poems and pick up on details from them, such as the blank payment slip at the beginning, a portable radio, the chainsaw with the clothes dryer Eugen (which also adorn the cover), or the poor plastic bag that got stuck towards the end.

(Astrid Nischkauer, Literaturhaus Wien)

Illustrations: Michael Oskar Wlaschitz // Print: Potato Publishing

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