Concerts, Djs and Performances 2023

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26 May 2023

Guy Bosch


Guy Bosch

Guy Bosch (NL, works and lives in Berlin) is an active performing vinyl deejay since the end of the nineties. His musical journey started in the Rap and Hiphop but grew quite quick to the music where Hiphop producers found their audio samples in. The backbone is groove, no matter the genre, but one that holds instrumentation, production and motivation/inspiration from the late sixties to the late seventies. A realm where produced and recorded music grew from its first global pop wave to a more insight what the format of a 45rpm or LP can hold as a narrative piece of work. Guy’s records span from all four wind corners of the globe.

DJ DJust Benzes


Djust Benzes

Dj Djust Benzes is exploring a multifaceted repertoire that combines a spectrum of genres. These include funk, soul, hip hop, old-school disco sounds and beyond. His musical range is versatile and an invitation to lean back and enjoy.

Michael Fischer



Michael Fischer works on the speech immanence of sounds and their sculptural and dramatic evidence, in the field of free improvised / experimental music. In 1999, he began to integrate the acoustic phenomenon feedback into his work and developed an exclusively analog, no-effect-based instrument, the feedback-saxophone. Founder of many ensembles, a.o. long-standing projects BAGG*FISH (trytone records) and M. A. D. (interstellar records); in 2004 he launched the VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA with performances at f.i. Moers-Festival (2022) or Wien Modern Festival (2020). As an instant composition conductor he works with numerous international improvisation orchestras and temporary large ensembles. Guest-lectures, tours and festivals in Europe, Lebanon, Canada, USA and Japan.



Internet band

Artist Flora Hauser will perform within her project “Internetband”. Internetband is a musical solo project by her that leads through a melodic journey and consists of a variety of elements.


20.25- 21:45


Electronic music from the 90s blended with influences from current club music: The collective “Toad” consists of five young independent music producers and visual artists from Vienna who have been releasing music together since 2021. Their spectrum ranges from ambient to two-step to jungle, fulfilling the heart of every clubgoer. In the summer, they will follow up with a remix project, featuring selected Austrian artists reinterpreting songs from their last album. Their new album will be released in the fall.

27 May 2023

Provisional Art Space


PAS Wien

Ron Hutt and Anna, working together as Provisional Art Space, they present a one-hour performance titled Septem ColorumSeptem Colorum, focuses on seven colors that form the inspiration for a series of provocative olfactory and musical movements. Experienced together, these multi-sensory events, are meant to induce a type of synesthesia that challenges our notions of experiential art practices. This project, developed through a series of performances at Olfactory Art Keller in New York and will travel to Fringe Art Bath (UK) (UK) later this year. Subsequent iterations of this performative project will include a large-scale collaborative installation, journal article and artist book.

MAGNETIZER (Phantom Tapes)

14:45 -15:45

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-13 at 19.18.50

MAGNETIZER is an upcoming DJ in the Viennese music scene. This includes live sets for Radio Rudina or at Celeste, bringing Vapor Wave to the audience. His sounds provide a very own aesthetic that immediately captivate the listener.

World Bang Beats – Live Performance – Beats & Clarinet


World Bang Beats

With World Bang Beats (WBB), Markos Sotiris presents a crossover of electro – Balkan clarinet sounds with quotations from classical composers such as Shostakovich, Leopold Mozart or Antonín Dvořák. Chilled downbeats, mixed with flamenco guitar, distorted electric guitar sounds and violin sounds. In the foreground is the clarinet with its warm and at the same time shrill sound, sound facets, nuances and timbres. From the Roma anthem to Traden Roma, from the essence of life, the breaking ice of the icebergs and the never-ending warmongering of humanity. For peace, love, music and harmony. Markos Sotiris’ album Headhunters is a groundbreaking sound event.

Deniz Beser (Dj set)

17:00 – 18:10

Deniz beser

Visual artist, publisher and Fanzineist Vienna director Deniz Beser will be at the booth this time with a DJ set. Beser, which will feature dance, pop and funk hits of the 80’s and 90’s, invites you to dance!

Cem Erkmen (Wapi)


Cem Erkmen -. Wapi

Wapi (birth name Cem Erkmen) is an electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. His brand of electronica employs aspects of many different styles, some of them being UK Garage, Techno and Experimental Electronica to name a few.

Laikka (Dj Set)

20:15 -22:00


LAIKKA is a duo, consisting of Moritz Wunderwald and Alex Grühn, that only can be described as a synthesis of the art. They named themselves after Laika, the first dog in space – a programmatic band name – and honor us with a DJ set.

28 May 2023


THE DARK OPERA (In the Wake of the Machine) 

Anton Kodlin (unDINg-e-verlag)

12:00- 13:00

00.Anton - THE DARK OPERA - collage for Fanzineist

In this improvised version of ‘The Dark Opera’ you will hear: a very experimental electric guitar, some small synthesizers, voice and a prepared music stand.

Among other things, an artful, limited edition of the album will be on unDINg-e-verlag´s  stand at Fanzineist to peruse and buy, if you like.

Winamp Power

13:15 – 15:15


Winamp Power is Fanzineist´s playlist which has eclectic taste in music, playing everything from psychedelic to surf and beyond. The sets are characterized by a high-energy vibe and a constant flow of groovy tunes.

Whether you’re a fan of psychedelic, surf, or any other genre of music, Winamp Power is an unique music list which is sure to delight.



15:30 – 16:45

ArtFairb kopyası

LIQUIDinfinity surrenders to the art of improvisation, but you also will notice composed parts. LIQUIDinfinity explores all sorts of sounds from everyday noise to nature and rethinks their instruments.

it is our way to receive and adapt to the surrounding world and to re-create, it is coping with everyday´s life´s issues that affect us. the lyrics tangle social issues and are too often critical. they concern nuclear energies, artifical intelligence, but also “simple” issues such as friendship. we also focus on curious strong women such as NASA-developer Valerie Thomas or french journalist Luise Weiss and we talk about abuse. the melodies often are created following the waves of speaking more than singing.

peta klotzberg: text, voice, theremin, soundscapes, loopingstation, keyboard, everyday objects

 ~        ~        ~

previous shows @((szene)) wien, ARENA Beisl, kasino am schwarzenbergplatz, inside a hairdresser´s saloon, in a boat on danube river, at the lake of seestadt, dripstone cave, on radio resonance fm london, austrian broadcast radio Ö1 kunstradio, radio orange…


Y/liquid | Facebook

Markos Sotiris


17:40 -19:00


Kobrakasino and GOLFBLITZ are two young music projects that have joined forces to produce electronic music together. The five members, originally from Graz and now based in Vienna, bring their creative energy to the project.

Thanks to their experience in the Austrian music scene, the members of both bands bring a unique and refreshing perspective to electronic music. By using samplers, modular synths, and drum machines, they create a wide range of sounds and integrate samples from their other projects to create a distinctive sound.

What sets Kobrakasino + GOLFBLITZ’s live performances apart is that each concert is unique and essentially “created anew” due to the instruments used and spontaneous improvisations. Audiences can expect a captivating and hypnotic sonic experience.

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