Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair

26-28 May 2023

Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien


Visiting hours:

on May 26th from 14:00 to 21:00 + Party till 22:00,

on May 27th from 11:00 to 20:00 + Party till 23:30,

on May 28th from 11:00 to 19:00.


Adress: Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Lehárgasse 6, 1060 Vienna

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After Party 
26 May 2023
22:00 -05:30
Adress: Celeste / Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Vienna

After Party Event Page:


Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair is an annual international independent publishing event that focuses on presenting self-published publications and independent works in the fields of art, design, literature, culture, and more.


The fair is taking place from May 26-28, 2023, at the Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien (Semperdepot) located at Lehargasse 6-8 in Vienna. Whether attending in-person or online, visitors can expect to be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and passion for independent publishing.


Among the exhibitors at the Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair, there are some notable names such as  Present Books (DE), NFC Edizioni (IT),Teuntje Fleur (NL),  Post Fire Books (FR),  Antenna Press (USA), Irene Bonecrusher (ES), Verlag edition clandestin (CH), requetemiau (PE), Mariana y Raquel (CR, GT,  CO), Vienna Zines (AT) will  also be showcasing their works at the fair.


With 110 physical exhibitors and 20 online exhibitors from more than 30 countries, the Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair is a great opportunity for those who are interested in independent publishing to discover new works, meet like-minded individuals, and learn about the latest trends and developments in the field. Visitors can expect to see a diverse range of publications, including zines, artist books, comic books, graphic novels, and much more.

Exhibitors 2023
Online Exhibitors 2023
In addition to the exhibitors, Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair will also offer a variety of events, including online exhibitions, talks, concerts, and workshops. These events will provide visitors with an opportunity to engage with the exhibitors and to learn more about the works on display. With so much to offer, Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair is an event not to be missed by anyone with an interest in independent publishing, art, and culture.
Also, the fair will be hosting an international art book & zine exhibitions as virtual and physical formats.

The public program consists of a workshop by Justyna Doherty, Print-On / Tzu Ning Chiang, Monotype & Etching Workshop by Marie Bonnin, talks by process*in, presentation of mischen, Libri Finti Clandestini, 5x Letterpress, SC_NC/Spazienne, Outis and Petronilla Records, performance of Provisional Art Space: Music And Scent In Performance by New York based artists Ron Hutt and Anna Novakov, Dj & music performances by dj Ueberparadis, Ali Riza Firat, Guy Bosch, internetband, TOAD, MAGNETIZER (Phantom Tapes), Markos Sotirios, Cem Erkmen (Wapi), Laikka (Dj Set), DJ DJust Benzes, DIONYSOS WIZDOM THEATER, Kobrakasino, LIQUIDinfinity, LA WASHA (LIVE) + dj set and Michael Fischer, video presentations & screenings about international independent publishers and zinesters.

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair is physical + online and open to the public. Also, the fair will take place across different platforms like on, Youtube, Instagram. The full schedule and details are on
Entrance is free!
Fanzineist is a non-profit art book & zine fair organised by Deniz Beser & Dayan Ozan Ozoglu


Cooperation Partners: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna & Wohlmut

Print Sponsors: Quatro Print, Tele Print

Programm 2023
Concerts, Djs and Performances
After Party @Celeste
Partners 2023
Media Kit / Fanzineist Vienna 2023

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Fanzineist Vienna Art Book After Party2

26 May 2023

22:00 -05:30


-Guy Bosch
-LA WASHA (LIVE) + dj set
-Ali Riza Firat (Ohne Milch)
Celeste / Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Wien
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Guy Bosch

Guy Bosch

Guy Bosch (NL, works and lives in Berlin) is an active performing vinyl deejay since the end of the nineties. His musical journey started in the Rap and Hiphop but grew quite quick to the music where Hiphop producers found their audio samples in. The backbone is groove, no matter the genre, but one that holds instrumentation, production and motivation/inspiration from the late sixties to the late seventies. A realm where produced and recorded music grew from its first global pop wave to a more insight what the format of a 45rpm or LP can hold as a narrative piece of work. Guy’s records span from all four wind corners of the globe.





Ueberparadis is a dj/producer, living in Vienna. His works between psychedelic,folk,funk,grooves and electronic styles.


LA WASHA (LIVE) + dj set


La Washa is a musical project by singer Valentina Viera (Chilean performance artist, political activist, and DJ “La Machi”) and Stefan Kerschbaumer (Austrian instrumentalist, music producer).

Their lyrics revolve around current and ubiquitous social issues such as racism, capitalism, freedom of expression, feminism, and questions about the good life for all. In their music, the two artists generously draw from their cultural backgrounds and mix European-influenced electronic sounds with Latin American rhythms.

Since 2022, the duo has been bringing their version of Neo-Perreo – a flourishing subculture around new, darker forms of Reggaeton – to stages in Viennese clubs and venues. Colorful, loud, and anti-fascist: ¡Waches, vamos a perrear!



ali riza

Ali Riza Firat

Ali Riza Firat was born in 1981 and spent most of his life in Istanbul. Meeting techno music in year 2005 in Romania, Ali found his life goal. After moving to Vienna, in 2018, he made a step to become a DJ. He started his music career by playing in well known Vienniese undeground clubs and for Austrian electronic music station FM4 (Swound Sound). Ali curated the music site We Tape and he continues as a DJ in Journey to Tarab and Kosmos Kuriosum collectives and is an editor in NOH Radio Istanbul.Influenced by Istanbul’s musical diversity, it tends to blend cosmic sounds with techno. His style cannot be defined as a single musical style due to the many musical journeys it involves.


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Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair

Online Edition

11. 08.- 25. 09. 2022

Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Fair welcomes artists, publishers, and other creative people to share their stories, knowledge, and love of zines and art books. For 1.5 months, 105 exhibitors from 35 countries will present their publications in the virtual fair. Fanzineist Vienna takes place as an online fair this year to attract the attention of a wider, global audience. Online visitors have the opportunity to see more than +400 publications in a 3D Gallery. The virtual exhibitions continue till 25th September on


Fanzineist Vienna, which brings together small and independent publishers, has set itself the goal of making zines and art books more accessible to its audience through exhibitions, workshops and lectures whilst introducing newcomers to the culture of self-publication. In addition, concerts and video streams across platforms are offered to visitors.

The virtual art book & zine exhibition takes place in the form of a 3D gallery and offers artists & publishers a virtual display for their publications. Visitors can take a look at a wide variety of original publications that are also available for purchase from the exhibitors directly. Artists & publishers can use this virtual event as an exhibition space. In the virtual exhibition, the viewer can control the movements by keyboard or touch, zoom in and receive additional information about the publications and artists.

Bringing together publishers, artists, publishing collectives, bookstores, magazines, galleries and various non-profit organizations producing on art books and fanzines, Fanzineist Vienna aims to bring these productions, which are realized on a wide publication scale, to the visitors. +400 publications consisting of art, design, literature, comics, theory, architecture, sociology, music, lgbti+ and queer publications come together in virtual art book and zine exhibitions. With our online format, Fanzineist Vienna evolves into an online international celebration of independent art book and zine publishing


Virtual Exhibitions

The public program consists of zine workshops by Sick Love Zine and Yago Cura (HINCHAS Press), talks from various artists & international publishers such as Draw Down Books, Can Yalcinkaya, Maria Kuzik, Mangal Media, Carla Vaccaro, music performances by Bunu Sen Istedin, Zoomk-Ru -Tu, Şeker Dutlar, video presentations & screenings by Johnnie B. Baker (Budget Press), BluRaven C. Houvener //  Nicodemus //Matchez, Daniëlle van Hilten (Beauxhil), Aparna Nori, Bard Graduate Center & Richard Tuttle, L. Loves Art Books (Lia Nalbantidou, Nikos Kachrimanis, Ioustini Drakoulakou), Margot Terc, Alexandra Stelmashonok, Paolo Covino and many more.

Fanzineist Vienna  Art Book & Zine Fair is free, online and open to the public. The fair will take place across different platforms like on, Youtube, Instagram and Zoom. The full schedule and details are on

Fanzineist Vienna is a non-profit art book & zine fair organised by Deniz Beser.

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