Cesar Vasquez Altamirano

I was born in 1982 in Lima, Perú. After graduating in communications, I’ve worked in the advertising field since 2006. In 2009 I moved to Italy and studied photography at ISFCI, the institute of photography and communications in Rome.

My works have been exhibited several times at the Tevere Art Gallery in Rome, curated by Luciano Corvaglia. Since 2015 my projects started to become more conceptual.

With the project Et cetera I want to convey the experience visually as a foreign witness of daily life in two beautiful cities, Rome and London. Since 2016 I have been photographing people and their surroundings in public places.
I have been capturing their fears, emotions and proudness in different situations, sometimes in very surreal situations.

My main aim is to share my curiosity firstly as a human being and secondly as a photographer. Through this approach, I explore the behaviour of people and observe their relationship with the city and how they interact with each other as a society. My intention is to explore their lives with the most, honest and anthropological way possible. Et cetera is a long term project and an ongoing series.

In December 2018 I photographed around 200 bust sculptures, using the natural light of the sun during the different times of day for one month. They represent Italian historical figures who, through 25 centuries of history, have distinguished themselves in numerous fields: among them are national heroes, kings and statesmen, painters and sculptors, scientists and inventors, novelists and poets, historians and philosophers. These marble busts are situated at Il Pincio, Villa Borghese in Rome.

Since 2019 my works have been published in different monographs in zine format. My latest publication Light Memory was released in June.

Currently I am working on a new series of pictures called Beyond Inside taken mostly at night, in London.


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