Ediciones El Fuerte

Ediciones El Fuerte is a small self-publishing project from Buenos Aires that makes zines and posters using risograph and etching. Based on illustration, graphic story, abstraction,and concepts about science, travel, cosmos, cultures, obsessions, they make zines andgraphic work investigating different printing techniques, where the analog and the handcraft are the main characters.
El fuerte is composed of Sofia Noceti and Juan Casal, both designers and illustrators. They select the themes, collect information, illustrate, edit, print and then participate in fairs.
They are motivated by the idea of seeing the complete circle of the editions, from the idea to the creation and then the sale, the contact with the traders, the trips that involve taking the publications to different places. They work printing with a risograph TR, one of the oldest models of this type of machines. They bought it at a very low cost from a print house who wanted to get rid of it, little by little they were fixing it, buying new drums to have more colors. Being an old machine the whole process is much more “analog” than newer
machines. From each impression they discover something new, such as repairing
something broken that is always different from the previous one.
El Fuerte have been in several fairs in Buenos Aires, Chile, Brasil, Uruguay, London,
Shanghai, Tokyo and PMVABF.


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