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Fanzineist Vienna Art Book & Zine Exhibition // Semperdepot

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Through an open call to artists, publishers, and zinesters, a collection of unique art books and zines from around the world has been brought together in one place. These publications have been shipped to Vienna from countries as diverse as Australia, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Albania, Kazakhstan, Italy and Austria.

The exhibition showcases a wide range of art books and zines in various forms, each with its own authentic content. Visitors to the exhibition can expect to encounter a diverse range of styles and subject matter, all created with passion and creativity by artists and publishers from around the world.

One of the most exciting aspects of this exhibition is the opportunity to discover new and emerging artists and publishers from different parts of the world. The open call format has allowed for a truly diverse and international collection of publications to be brought together in one place, providing a unique and enriching experience for visitors.

The exhibition is taking place from 26 May till 28 2023 at Semperdepot


Artists, publishers and zinesters:

Alex Nitzsche, Amira Aranda, Ana Buquerin, Andradha Kamath, Asta D., BEATE Grötsch, Banjo Kazue (Cosmic Phallusy), Belen Kruppa, Christian Reister, Emanuel Heim, Erik Steinbrecher (rakete.co), Ermen Anti, FELDER BOOKS BERLIN, Francesca Falli, Fresh, Hector de Miguel, Hugo Tripper (Publiko), Luis Martins Pisco, Marc Tauber, Olivia Skjöld, PARAROJA, Probability Books, Proto, Shlomit Schatzmayr / monochrom and many more…

Firat Erkus // Digital Forest Crowds


Firat Erkus / Digital Forest Crowd

Nature is the most significant source of inspiration for every phase of humankind. In this piece, I aim to describe the feeling of harmony and irregularity in a future digital forest.





LYUTYY kopyası

LYUTYY consists of 9 projects that come together in a single puzzle, forming an overall picture from different perspectives,

intertwined in images and meanings. The publication is intended as an installation so that the work can be experienced by the public. The topic needs attention and should not only be read by people who explicitly decide to open the folded publication.

In the background, the type design лютый (LYUTYY) stands as an anchor and framework, featuring a billbord-effect from a distance. On this type-based framework, the ten projects were placed with focus on imaging on the frontside, making you curious for deeper, text-focused parts of the projects on the backsides. Connecting all nine sheets, there is the protocol of the first 100 days of the invasion, designed in the form of rising smoke.

Each part can be collected into a compact book of A4 format, with cover and elastic strap.

“Auf der Straße” // Typographic Installation



At the Fanzineist Vienna 2023, Libri Finti Clandestini + 5X Letterpress will bring an installation of typographic posters produced using wood and lead typefaces and cardboard matrices, then hand-made printed in a single copy. The typographic posters (70 x 100 cm format) are printed with fluorescent colors in contrast with classic black on mixed papers.

united queendoms


united queendoms

following queenzine feat. real queens of the world and the like and Saint+Harlot united queendoms release their brand new baby: mothers/paradise #1!
we show the original collages, 16 A4, including contributions by:
and pawe, das bel etage quarett, ehrenbürgerin, brijit @birgitwagner.art, Markus Lindner, köstebek, Frau Kerber, und Mama Wosamma


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