Loreta Isac (Bucharest, RO)

Loreta – animator and illustrator:

 I was born in a small country, in Moldova, the city of Chisinau. Together with my artist parents and my sister, we moved to Romania for a better life. I grew up in a cultural diversity, on the one hand my mother was a violinist who loved  traditional but also classical music, on the other hand I traveled through my father’s artistic world through various exhibitions. The life of an artist was not an easy one,  financially unstable, and I understood the challenges, but I chose to discover myself as an artist. 
 I started working in advertising where I learned many things but I did not feel that I fit in with the corporate environment. It was a difficult decision to go on my own, I still find it difficult, but absolutely whatever project I have worked on so far, it was much more rewarding than anything I did in a corporate environment. And for that I thank the whole world. In my short experience as a freelancer I explored and worked for books, editorials, commercial projects and animation.
Because animation seemed more sustainable than solo projects I decided to work with my partner Constantin, and together we share a studio C0+LOR. Teamwork for long animations is interesting and efficient. The artistic mix between the two of us has a different apprehension, but I am glad to have the opportunity to share it with you.
I never forget about personal artistic projects. I have the chance to exhibit them on my website or on Instagram. You can buy some limited edition prints from this website
I like to juggle between conceptual and colored, freestyle illustration. Both offer me a wide beach to explore.
The Conceptual Illustration that I make in a natural way comes from a need to simplify the emotion and experience that a certain text & story goes through in my mind.
Pictorial and freestyle illustration comes from a clear need to explore through a form of relaxation, a form of exploring freedom without going through a conceptual orderly filter.