Mangal Media (İstanbul, TR)

We are a collective of writers, journalists, artists, and scholars from the so called “periphery”. We will no longer allow white boys in keffiyehs to steal our stories and sell them. We will no longer work with Beckies as they accumulate wealth and prestige from the comfort of their Starbucks HQ, while commanding fixers to run around doing the work for them. We will no longer stand by as our designs are plundered for use in high-end fashion, as our music is appropriated and repackaged, as our culinary habits are “discovered” and sanitized by self described cultural pioneers.

We, who are directly affected by, and the subject of, the stories on international news, will now be the ones to write them. Our voices will no longer go through the intermediary of blue eyed children from Western Europe and North America (WENA). Our talented sisters and brothers who can and do write, who can and do paint, who can and do make music, will no longer be valued at less than WENA’s children, because we are destroying the WENA brand.