Seyyar Sesler Fanzine (İstanbul, TR)

Seyyar Sesler is a printed fanzine product first published in Istanbul in 2010. It is a fanzine published in limited numbers with each issue having its own context, where textual and visual contents are combined into one.

Content creators are all professionals in their own areas. Approximately 10-15 writers and illustrators work on each issue to create a collective edition. With the increasing demand in the last few years, the fanzines have found the opportunity to address to a more colorful, creative, and wider masses with their specific feature to be a cultural and an independent tool of production. Being supported by artists, designers, and writers creating contents in visual communication in Turkey, Seyyar Sesler is still here on its 10th anniversary with the contribution of almost a hundred content creators.

The fanzine preserved its measurement formats since the first issue but used new techniques in paper and printing. About 1000-2000 fanzines are printed for each issue and distributed in various cities in Turkey through a collective connection. It is not a digital issue and is only published in Turkish for now.