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26 May 2023

Presentation // mischen

15:15 -15:45

anja jeschaunig 2

Between Risography & Literature 

“mischen” (to mix) is a literature magazine from Graz, and was first published in January of 2019. The title of the magazine represents the concept of the project as a leitmotif. The texts are put in a mixing ration by the editors, there are no guidelines concerning the content or formal tendencies up front. We (part of the mischen team, that is Anna Neuwirth and Julia Knaß) will talk about our printing process (risographie), design choices and our concept which fluctuates between a literature magazine and a DIY art zine. Martin Troger (author, texts in mischenb#6) will read some of his poems.

Print-On / Tzu Ning Chiang (Viola Chiang)



print on 2

Print- On is an easy print set with gel plates(gelli stamps) to create images, alphabets

and short words to enter print field, with these gelli stamps, you can print on paper and

canvas for your own post cards, zine, booklet, and tote bags.One set includes 6 or 7 different shapes to create compositions, images, short

words and animals.During the workshop (30 – 45 minutes), I will explain a short story about

gel printing and create images, short words with participants on zine and postcards.


Participation Fee: 20 euro/ each person (Print-On set included).


All visitors are welcome to register to the workshop completing the online registration at the following link:.



27 May 2023

process*in talk – authors and their (long) way to the text

11:30 – 12:15


Writing processes are among the most intimate insights that an author can give and are also the most important and valuable insights, since the material itself is able to uncover many layers below the text that lead us as readers into the thinking of the authors. They unravel and tell another story that isn’t usually made legible.

The process*in magazine tries to make this section of writing visible and places the texts alongside research material, notebook entries, cuttings, screenshots, (voice)messages, WhatsApp-conversations, inspirations and much more.

Together with Julia Knaß we will discuss the value of writing processes, hear literary and unfinished text(material) and ask about the presentation/opening of our own writing archives.

Monotype & Etching Workshop

Marie Bonnin

12:40 – 13:40

monotype 2

From a collection of picked plants, each participant can come to reproduce or draw the plant of their choice with a small press (pasta machine) and then print it.

Discovery of the monotype technique and etching on Plexiglas and Tetrapack

Duration 1 hour or maybe a little longer, maximum 12 participants.


Aus einer Sammlung gepflückter Pflanzenkann jeder Teilnehmer kommen, um diePflanze seiner Wahl mit einer kleinen Presse (Pasta-Maschine) zu reproduzieren oder zu zeichnen und dann zu drucken.

Entdeckung der Monotyp-Technik und Radierung auf Plexiglas und Tetrapack

Dauer 1 Stunde oder vielleicht etwas länger, maximal 12 Teilnehmer


Participation fee / donation, places limited!

All visitors are welcome to register to the workshop completing the online registration at the following link:.

My biggest addiction – Teuntje Fleur (Talk)

14:00 -14:30

Teuntje Fleur-1

Teuntje Fleur’s biggest addiction in life is risograph. In this talk she will share how to deal with her craving and tell about here experiences with self-publishing. Teuntje Fleur will share tips and tricks, reveal the stories behind her zines and tell what it’s like when all you can think about is riso.

Teuntje Fleur is a graphic Artist from the Netherlands. Characteristic of her work is her remarkable use of colours and shapes. She sees forms, patterns and lines in everything around her. Besides a desk Teuntje Fleur has also a RISOGRAPH in her studio, bringing her designs to life with this Japanese stencil printer.

28 May 2023

“about time”

Workshop by Justyna Doherty

11:30 -14:00



time travel image 2

The workshop aims to open conversation about the future, and long-term thinking and to create a personal, empathetic connection to future generations, the non-human world, and climate emergency.

We invite participants to examine their perceptions and views about time, the future, the world around them and their roles in it. By collaging, reflecting, and speculating, we will engage participants’ imagination to expand their long-term thinking capacity and practice creative, positive future visions.

We will attempt a short journey into the future, and by creating individual timelines and expanding them to the people they know and love, we will reflect on our role in building the planet’s future as a place to live for people connected to us.

 As a workbook, we will employ a prototype book called “The Barometer”, created as a journal/sketchbook full of exercises, reflection prompts, notes, and suggestions for various ways of thinking about time and the future. The Barometer is a workbook created to build future literacy in participants and a playful invitation to use speculative design and worldbuilding as tools.


In addition, we will use collages to bring together the pages of the journal’s different themes and create new forms and ways of thinking. Participants are encouraged to bring any magazines or paper scraps they wish to incorporate into their work.

 For any information, please contact


Registration to the Workshop is Open!!

FREE workshop, places limited!

All visitors are welcome to register to the workshop completing the online registration at the following link:.



Nightjet // Fanzine presentation

15:00 -15:30


A crazy idea. Making a fanzine on a train, during the 12 hours journey from Milan (italy) to Wien (Austria) on the Nightjet train

Scans, photographs, layout of the project, printing, handbinding and trimming of the book, all made on board in one night!

A project by Libri Finti Clandestini, 5x Letterpress, SC_NC/Spazienne, Outis and Petronilla Records).

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