As The Explicit Group we come together annually. After a fifteen days activity, we share the artistic works we produced in a periodical named Aşikar/The Explicit. Until recently, The Explicit Periodical, as the outcome of this international activity, has been published in print form as much as the number of participants to be sent to them.

With the development of the Explicit dialogue and the raising interest of the participants for the periodical, we came across with the fact that the periodical can also take place in digital platform. The artists started to share their works to be compiled by the editors in the platform we opened under the name of “the_implicit_art” in both instagram and facebook. By this way we collected an important amount of works and decided to create a new digital periodical taking its name from the opposite of the Explicit as “The Implicit Art”. We present you more than 30 works by 16 artists in “The Implicit Art”. We hope you like our works.

As The Implicit Art Group which is composed of artists coming from different parts of the world we would like to take part in international virtual exhibitions. Additionally, we also aim in the short run to take place at virtual galleries. We would like to achieve this goal firstly by participating in this international fanzine festival.

We deem it a great honor to open our catalogue for your visual pleasure.

The Implicit Art


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